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Keep off my property!

As an old proverb implies, your home is your castle. It is your security and your shelter, and probably, the biggest investment you will ever make. Your clear and absolute ownership of your property is vital and is currently protected by Her Majesty’s Land Registry.

Land registration establishes absolute proof of ownership. This streamlines the conveyancing process, making transactions easier and quicker. In addition, and as we read daily in our newspapers, safe property ownership is vital to the already fragile economy of England and Wales.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has launched a consultation to introduce a Land Registry service delivery company. The outcome of this consultation could lead to the Land Registry being privatised.

The majority of conveyancing lawyers in England and Wales are strongly opposed to any major changes to the way the Land Registry is owned and operates. Collectively they are campaigning to make sure those changes do not take place and in any way threaten the safe ownership of your home.

You can help support this campaign by:

If you are concerned about these possible changes please ask one of our members of staff how you can easily support this campaign.

Marcella King