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Where there’s a Will…

Why make a Will?

A Will is the best way to be sure of what will happen to your property and possessions after your death. Without a Will you cannot guarantee that everything will pass to your husband or wife. If you are unmarried, or have not registered a civil partnership, your partner will have to prove in court that they are entitled to a share. A Will can also allow you to choose a guardian for children and ensure their financial security. You may wish to ensure that other people or organisations beside family members benefit. This can only be done by making a Will. Even people without family should make a Will otherwise the Government will benefit.

How to make a Will

It is usually best if you call us to make an appointment so that we can see you and discuss your circumstances with you.

  • You should consider who you wish to act as your Executors (the people responsible for ensuring that your wishes are carried out)
  • You should make a list of the full names and addresses of people you wish to have in your Will.
  • You should make an estimate of the total value of your estate
  • You should decide who should receive specific items, or amounts of money

A draft Will will usually be sent to you shortly after we have your instructions and once you have approved the draft, we will prepare a bound version for your signature.

Once the Will has been signed, we can store the original document free of charge and provide you with certified copies for your records, if you wish.

We can also arrange for your will to be registered with Certainty, a national database which is endorsed by the Law Society. The location of your Will is the only thing that’s registered, not the details. The only people who can have access are your next of kin, executors or solicitors – and even then, only after you’ve died.

Keeping your Will up-to-date

Everyone should have a Will but they need to be kept up to date.

Look at your Will every few years and consider :-

  • Are your assets worth considerably more now?
  • Does it still match your wishes?
  • Have any of the beneficiaries died or have any children been born?
  • Are there people or organisations not currently mentioned that you would now like to benefit?
  • Can you reduce any Inheritance Tax liabilities by altering your Will?

You will also need to make a new will if:

  • You have married or registered a civil partnership
  • You have separated or are divorced
  • You wish to provide for a new partner or children, or your family circumstances have changed in other ways.

If you would like any more information, please contact us for a chat.