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Email security

Hacked email accounts have been around for a long time, and we’ve all, unfortunately, become used to receiving links for dubious websites or offers of miracle tablets from our friends.

A more worrying trend at the moment is for accounts to be hacked and emails between lawyers and clients to be read.  This is not usually a breach of the law firms’ security or the client’s, but is happening somewhere in the middle of the internet – near the place where dragons, businessmen who need our help to access their millions, and conspiracy theorists dwell, no doubt.

However, when emails about transferring funds or giving bank details are hacked then it can become a significant problem.  These two stories are just some of the examples that we hear about every day.

One of the ways that we at MacNamara King try to avoid this is by using secure email if we are sending our bank details.  If we send you an email via eDX or Egress Switch, it will ask you to sign up or log in to a secure online site where you can read our email.  You should not need to download anything, and it is completely free to use.

We ask people to actually telephone us with their bank details rather than emailing them, and if they are emailed we will often telephone you to check that they are correct.

Unfortunately we all need to be more vigilant every day, as criminals find different ways to con us.  We are grateful for your help as we all try to combat this together.