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Where there’s a Will there’s a way!

Marriage is no longer the traditional necessity it once was. Nowadays most couples live together before they are married, and for some people marriage never crosses their mind. But if the worst were to happen and your partner was to pass away, what would you be entitled to? The harsh reality is that without a valid will, you may get nothing.

A Will is a legal document which outlines who the individual wishes their assets to be transferred to upon their death and lists any gifts they may wish to make.

When someone dies without a Will, the intestacy rules will come into effect and they determine who benefits from the deceased’s estate. A spouse would be the main beneficiary, followed by children, parents and then siblings. A cohabiting partner is not included within the rules and therefore without a valid Will they may not be entitled to anything from their partner’s estate. Similarly, if a Will has been made previously and there is a change in an individual’s circumstances, if no update has been made to the Will it may be possible for an ex-spouse to inherit the estate.

It is estimated that over two thirds of adults do not have a Will. Making a Will is straightforward and usually only requires two meetings with a Solicitor. You will be able to discuss your intentions for your estate and the Solicitor can address any concerns you may have in relation to inheritance tax for example.

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