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Wills, Probate And Lasting Powers Of Attorney

We can advise and act for you in all matters regarding wills and probate. This includes setting up lasting powers of attorney and trusts.

We are also able to make home visits if necessary. Please do ask if you are not able to make it to one of our offices due to your circumstances.


A will is the best way to be sure of what will happen to your property and possessions after your death. Without a will you cannot guarantee that everything will be passed as you would want. You should ensure that you have a will and, every few years, consider whether your circumstances have changed to ensure that your will is up to date.

We can store your original will free of charge and provide you with certified copies for your records if you wish.  There are more details on our recent blog post about Wills.


When someone dies different processes need to be gone through depending on the size of the estate they have left and whether they had a will. Although it has a specific legal meaning as well, the general term used for this process is ‘probate’.

If you are an executor in someone’s will you have strict duties to perform in dealing with the estate and completing probate. If you have any doubts about that process please ask us for advice and assistance.

Similarly, if you are a beneficiary under a will or believe that an executor is not acting appropriately then please call us for advice. Unfortunately, when someone dies there can be arguments about the contents or even the existence of a will. These situations can lead to what is known as ‘contentious probate’ claims. Again, we have a lot of experience in handling these sorts of issues and are happy to discuss your options if you would like to give us a call.

Lasting Powers Of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone else to manage your affairs in the event that you become unable to do so yourself.

There are strict requirements for making and registering a Lasting Power of Attorney. These include acting as a certificate provider under the Mental Capacity Act to confirm that you understand what you are making and that you have chosen to do this without undue pressure from others.

We are able to assist you professionally and sensitively throughout this process.